New Changes and our Annual Insanity Sale


Fall and Christmas shopping is gearing up and we're going to make things easier for you. There are so many online stores out there competing for your interest/money.... But how many of them will be slashing prices up to 60% (who knows maybe more!) on everything in the warehouse? Only The Cult of The New is that Mental!

This sale will start Oct 15th.  Just in time for Christmas shopping!  Up to 60% or more off!  How's that for a sale? The other retailers might offer this kind of pricing on one item per day.... How about on everything in the store? Let's see them try to copy this! :-) 

Other changes coming next week:

1. Up to 60% off pricing on everything from 15OCT14 (we reserve the right to lower prices further at any time!) - while stock lasts or til I tire of expected verbal abuse

2. Free shipping program is being retired. Replaced with a $12 Flat Rate shipping within Canada (orders that exceed our largest standard box will be contacted to discuss options)

3. Regretfully, effective immediately we are no longer shipping orders outside of Canada. We love you gamers outside Canada...but we tend to mostly lose money on the Non-Canadian transactions....Heck is a better option for you Americans anyways. :-)

Lots of changes! Yes, that's for sure. 

At any rate.....for as long as the stock lasts....its going to be Wholesale Madness here at The Cult of the New....minimum pricing rules online sale restrictions be damned. Honestly....I always HATED some ranom company telling me what price I can charge... how I can sell my products.... and if I can sell it online or only locally.... or else.... Well....from this point onwards.... I'll do what I want, thank you.... its my store. 


The Cult of the  New